Group gifts, made easy.

Outstanding professional photography, lovingly given by family and friends.

Why Album Registry?

Capture the important moments in your life without compromising on quality. Let your loved ones celebrate with you, with a gift you will cherish forever.

For photographers

For photographers

“My clients have exactly the memories they choose with Album Registry. They can relax and have an awesome experience without needing to compromise. Everyone gets involved in the memory making. It’s pretty magic”

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For photographers

For hosts

“We had a small intimate gathering with our closest family and friends, full of love and laughter. Our album really was the perfect gift, especially with everyone's names included. We will remember it forever.”

Create magic memories

For photographers

For gift givers

“I’ve just moved overseas and travelling home for the wedding unfortunately wasn’t possible. I felt like I was giving something meaningful because it was something they genuinely wanted.”


How does it work?

Album Registry is gift giving at its best, whether it's professional services or print products, created in three simple steps:


The photographer creates a registry page in minutes. The hosts share it with their family and friends.


As family and friends gift, everyone sees progress towards the goal on the registry page.


Reach your registry goal and have beautifully photographed memories, forever

Album Registry works across all screens

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