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Nonna Connie

Published November 4th 2020 in News, Host Stories, Gifter Stories by Team AR

"Connie is living testament that we should hold photographs in our hands and celebrate them for as long as we breathe." - The Beautiful Collective

Guest blog by Libby Jeffery from Momento Pro. With thanks to The Beautiful Collective and Connie and Cristina Patane.

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Don't Shit Gift

Published July 3rd 2018 in Host Stories, Gifter Stories by Team AR

Have you ever received a gift so appalling that you have been lost for words? Well you’re not alone.

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Disruptive? Sweary?

Published February 26th 2018 in Host Stories, Photographer Stories, Gifter Stories by Team AR

How do you get your point across?

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Your registry tips

Published October 30th 2017 in Gifter Stories, Host Stories, News by Team AR

One of the most common questions we get, once a new registry is created, is..."ok, What do I do next?"

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