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Nonna Connie

Published November 4th 2020 in News, Host Stories, Gifter Stories by Team AR

"Connie is living testament that we should hold photographs in our hands and celebrate them for as long as we breathe." - The Beautiful Collective

Guest blog by Libby Jeffery from Momento Pro. With thanks to The Beautiful Collective and Connie and Cristina Patane.

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What To Wear For Family Portraits

Published September 30th 2020 in News by Jannah Dryden

You’d think, as a photographer, I would’ve been all over the best family portrait attire. But matching everyone’s outfits? I just couldn’t get my head around it.

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3 tips for planning a 2021 wedding

Published August 31st 2020 in News by Jannah Dryden

Planning your wedding for 2021? I’m guessing you’re already anticipating the challenges.

I caught up with Lousie Harris from Dynamic Weddings , a wedding planner in Cairns; servicing Cairns to Mossman to chat about her tips for planning a wedding for 2021.

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Yarning with Jannah | Kelly Vanyai

Published July 30th 2020 in News by Jannah Dryden

What if I told you worrying was a form of prayer? Would you still do it?

Does it make you sit up in your seat?

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Yarning with Jannah | Johl Dunn

Published June 30th 2020 in News by Jannah Dryden

“It’s an energy thing. When everything feels like a push and it’s hard work, you’re out of alignment. When everything is flowing and stuff happens for you; like you get random calls, great sales out of the blue, great opportunities come to you - you're in’s flowing.”

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Prints & Portraits

Published May 26th 2020 in News by Jannah Dryden

If we all band together and endorse print purchasing as ‘normal’, as a community of photographers we will collectively lift the bar and I’m sure do amazing things .

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Yarning with Jannah | Eleanor Carey

Published May 8th 2020 in News by Jannah Dryden

"Yes I rode my bike across Europe, but don't let that seem like I knew what I was doing. Even the row from California to Hawaii; I was literally the ring-in from Australia with zero experience."

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Registry wording

Published April 22nd 2020 in News by Team AR

It's natural to feel a little bit uncomfortable asking directly for gifts. We don’t want to seem forward, rude or desperate. As children we are taught to be grateful for what we receive and leave it at that.

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Tips for success

Published April 21st 2020 in News by Team AR

You might be feeling a little uncertain about the AR process, and wondering whether it is the right fit for your special day. You might be wondering if your guests would be willing to participate. You might even be feeling a little guilty about asking your guests.

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How to have the awks

Published April 21st 2020 in News by Jannah Dryden

When introducing your clients to something new, especially at a time when they’re likely overwhelmed with decision making, it’s important to approach it as simply as possible.

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