A few founding words

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Published April 10th 2017 in News by Jannah Dryden

A few founding words

In the beginning, I wanted to create a solution for my clients to get exactly what they WANT, with complete ease, complete confidence and to create unity amongst family and friends. To say that I walked blindly into the tech world is an understatement. But since then, seeing the lives that it's changed makes it all worth it.

To every single soul who has stumbled across this post, I want to say THANK YOU AND WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.

The fact that you're reading this right now, on this blog, means that the day I woke up and said to myself "I'm going to build a robot" wasn't just bordering on complete insanity but that crazy idea actually eventuated. Pats on backs team!

I believe that EVERYONE deserves access to a professional photographer, printed memories, to be educated on the importance of these by using love, humour and story telling.

I believe in world class aesthetics, valuing what we do as professionals, quality print products, being brave, evolving into the best we can be and celebrating our quirks and differences.

I can't begin to express how much gratitude I have for all of the members in our photographer/videographer community, all of our hosts and all of our wonderful gift givers from around the world. You are what makes Album Registry ALIVE.

Stay in touch.

Jannah x

Jannah Dryden Written by Jannah Dryden
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