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Published March 29th 2017 in Photographer Stories , Community Feature by Jannah Dryden

Benn & Jules

If there was a vote for the nicest guy on planet earth, Benn Brown from Bluesky Photography in Cairns would take the cake, hands down. And his partner in crime Jules, what a compliment. Benn and Jules were one of the founding members of Album Registry and we are so happy to have them as part of the gang. Here's a few words…

How long have you been a professional photographer? We’ve been running Blue Sky Photography since 2007. Its our tenth birthday this November!

Where were you born and where do you photograph primarily these days? I was born in Melbourne. While we are based in Cairns, Qld, we are lucky enough to travel all over Australia and worldwide for weddings

What’s the furtherest you’ve travelled to photograph and event? We have been to some amazing places over the past few years for our wedding clients! These include Paris, Hawaii and England, New Zealand and Indonesia.

How many people were at the biggest wedding and smallest wedding? A few years ago, we photographed a wedding in Indonesia where there were over 400 guests! Hectic! We also photograph lots of elopement ceremonies where the only people there are the bride and groom. So lovely and private 😊

What’s one thing you think a bride should never skimp cash on on her wedding day? It depends on what is important to them. I know I should probably say photography ha ha but we all have different values. For some it will be photography, others food, or the dress, or the styling! I think its important to identify between you and your fiancé what the most important parts of your day are and spend to get what you want on those things. The other stuff that’s not so important to you is where you can save your money.

What’s one thing that kicks you in the feels on a wedding day? There’s a couple of points where no matter how many times I see it, I still feel the same; When parents see their daughter in her dress for the first time, and when the bride and groom see each other for the first time.

What sort of printed products do you offer your clients? Lots! We have different types of albums, beautiful large wall prints and little books too!

What do you think about a printed wedding album as a wedding gift? One of the biggest regrets we hear from out couples after the day is that they have never done anything with their photos! By giving an album as a wedding present, not only are you helping your brides/groom towards the cost of their album, you are becoming part of the memories of their day. Its literally a gift that will become more and more valuable!

What is one thing you wish brides knew about their wedding day in advance, that they only realise after the event? Once you get to the actual day, remember this is one of those rare opportunities to have all of your special people in one place, celebrating with you. Let go and enjoy every moment that you possibly can.

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