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Published May 16th 2017 in News by Team AR

Celebrate the wins

Our founder Jannah took out the sole entrepreneur category at the Cairns business womens awards over the weekend and we couldn't be prouder.

With the launch of Album Registry version 2.0 under her belt, a win and a host of extremely generous prizes from local businesses in the community, you couldn't wipe the smile off her face.

A huge thank you to the category sponsor and all round great guy Mark Dodge from Mark Dodge Motoring along with a bunch of other amazing businesses.

Jannah wraps it up with...

"Easily the most difficult awards submission I've ever completed but definitely the most rewarding. What was born out of the process gave me the opportunity to see how far Album Registry has come. I am so very proud of our community and what we have achieved"

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Team AR

Team AR Written by Team AR

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