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Published February 26th 2018 in Host Stories , Photographer Stories , Gifter Stories by Team AR

How do you get your point across?

Disruptive? Sweary? How do you get your point across? How do we turn things upside down and get noticed?

Along with a host of other industry partners, we have an important message about printing memories. Often the bottom line is that, while yes, digital files are important, if they are not stored correctly they’ll probably be lost in the future, and you’ll have nothing to pass on.

So how do we get our point across without being all doom and gloom? Do we need to tell the stories of those who have lost their loved ones and have very limited photographic memories of their life? Would that work?

My plan, a little different, is to spread the message #printyourlegacy through humour. I think we have enough sadness in the world.

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Jannah x

Team AR Written by Team AR

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