From Stupid to Smart to Standard

Published February 4th 2017 in News , Photographer Stories by Jannah Dryden

From Stupid to Smart to Standard

To break out of the habitual fear and to make a difference, it takes a 1/2 teaspoon of trauma and 3 cups of repetition.

A few years ago during the throws of labour which eventually birthed Album Registry, I was recommended to read "The Power of Starting Something Stupid" by Richie Norton. While I'm not the most avid book reader, more of an infographic chick, the "Stupid Loop" has always stayed with me.

Having the courage to stand out with something completely different and risk looking stupid takes a load of courage. Even when your actions are coming from your most genuine current authentic self, coupled with a greater purpose to help the still get mammoth kicks in the guts.

The truth is, taking a seemingly stupid idea and progressing it towards Smart, takes a lot of energy. We know this, we live in interesting times, the rate of change is overwhelming. There's more innovation and advancement than you can poke a stick at and trying to absorb everything leads to exhaustion.

So how do we progress this now Smart idea and start standardising it?

Repetition. Coupled with an amazing, reliable service.

Jannah Dryden Written by Jannah Dryden
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