How good is Melbourne?

Published August 23rd 2019 in News by Jannah Dryden

How good is Melbourne?

I went to a photographers industry night at the end of July in Brisbane and I want to try and explain to you why it was easily the single best industry event I've ever been to.

Mark Rosetto is an absolute champion, if you've not heard of him, get onto the inter webs and check him out at the photographer business coach page.

Amongst other pages, I've not witnessed a community with so much engaged discussion, watching humans helping humans grow as photographers and business owners. There is ACTUAL hourly action, people cheering, people crying and people encouraging. I almost feel like there's no other place to hang out on Facebook.

But when Mark threw an industry night in Brisbane last month, it went next level. All of that digital interaction, took real life form and I've never been in a room with so many engaged and incredible photographers, for such a short period of time!

It was like the ultimate supplier and photographer speed dating session x 1000. Each supplier had a 3 minute pitch, each AMAZING guest speaker had a 5 minute story and every moment was filled with something different. Mark kept the energy high, the perfect blend of enough food and drink kept the evening smooth...and the bar afterwards was a hoot.

Melbourne is next on the map, followed by Sydney. The spots are limited to 75 people and judging by how quickly Brisbane sold out, it's best to get in quick.

So MELBOURNITES! Wanna catch up for a bevy?

Monday September 16, in Brighton.

Lets do this!

Melbourne Industry night

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