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Published May 16th 2018 in Host Stories by Jannah Dryden

How it works

Ensure your next special occasion isn't a ‘shit gift’ fest.

So, you’ve locked in the date, confirmed the venue and now you’re beginning to panic about the finer details of your Big Day. Now, when I say ‘Big Day’, I don’t necessarily mean your wedding day; it could be an anniversary, birthday or baby shower. Whatever the occasion, there’s a standard roll call of necessities; such as who to invite, which can in itself be a social minefield. Having to cull your close friend from school just so you can invite your slightly obnoxious, mildly deaf Auntie Sue, who will spend the entire time complaining about the quality of the quiche, or that no one comes to visit her anymore. Take the hint Sue!!

Anyway, it’s inevitable that when you begin inviting these ‘close’ friends and family members you will be asked what you would like as a gift. Now, if like me, you’re at the stage of your life where you don’t actually need another set of shot glasses, or you’ve had it to your back teeth with cheap nasty wine, you may struggle to give them a polite or even reasonable answer. In which case, you can be guaranteed to receive gift cards for that store at the arse end of town or slightly curious ornaments that have been coated in highly toxic paint. We don’t want that. Not this time.

Meanwhile, you’re contemplating how you’re going to capture this joyous occasion without having to commit to a financially inflicted rice cake and baked bean diet. You’d love to have a photographer there, just on the off-chance Aunty Sue pulls a smile or even a hip, or just for the fact that this is the day where you’re guaranteed to look extra good, and you need to ensure it’s captured for eternity.

This is where Album Registry comes in. Album Registry combines these two headaches to create a beautiful, thoughtful solution. In a nutshell, Album Registry is a crowd gifting platform giving you affordable access to professional photography, ensuring your next special occasion won’t be a ‘shit gift’ fest.

So how does it work?

We believe that capturing those special moments in life is not the time to compromise on quality, or choice. With this in mind, Album Registry is a platform that keeps the decisions in your hands. We want you to choose and use the photographer of your choice, so you can create a professional album that you will cherish for years and generations to come.

Step 1. You choose the photographer of your dreams.

Look through our community of photographers who have already registered and are using Album Registry. If they’re not on Album Registry, simply invite them to join. There are no signup fees, there are no ongoing subscriptions, so there’s nothing stopping them from joining the crew.

Step 2. Your photographer creates your online gift registry.

This can be for photography packages, albums, wall art - anything. You work with your photographer to determine what exactly you want and together, you set the amount you wish to raise.

Step 3. You share your registry with your loved ones, via invitation and your social networks.

Once your registry is created, you can instantly begin sharing this with your family and friends. This takes the stress away from your loved ones who may not know what to buy for you and hopefully stops Auntie Sue getting you a slightly dated and dusty Better Homes cook book.

Step 4. They lovingly gift and leave you a message.

By spreading the love, they can gift to something that you'll cherish forever.

Step 5. You receive notifications every time a gift is made.

Everyone is kept informed as you move towards 100% funding of your registry.

Step 6. Reach your registry goal and have beautifully photographed memories, forever.

It’s a simple as that.

If you’ve got any questions feel free to hit the chat icon in the bottom right and I’ll be happy to talk them through with you.

Jannah Dryden Written by Jannah Dryden
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