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Published February 7th 2018 in Host Stories by Team AR

Emma & Jon were married in the family back yard. Together for many years, they had already established their household, and their family, as parents to a set of twins.

When friends and family offered them gifts for their wedding, they declined. When they were offered cash, they declined. You see, they just wanted their friends and family to come and enjoy the special occasion. However, the offers were relentless.

Since I'm the one writing this post, I should be perfectly straightforward with you. So, full disclosure: I'm Emma & Jon's wedding photographer, and this post recalls the exact moment Album Registry was born.

Jon & Emma were budget conscious. Their loved ones were dying to give them something. ANYTHING. And as their photographer, I didn't want to see yet another wedding stay on a USB, living at the bottom of an office drawer, only to become lost or corrupted in 5 year's time. (That's how long it takes most of my clients to get around to printing their photos!)

So I offered Jon & Emma a solution. What if their family and friends could pitch in towards the cost of a wedding album, custom designed by me and I could include all of the gifters' names at the end of the album?

What I received was a resounding YES. Check out Emma & Jon's video journey. Oh, and get ready for a laugh.

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