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Published December 2nd 2016 in Photographer Stories by Jannah Dryden

Peppermint Steph

We love Steph from Peppermint Lane, so much so we have lovingly nicknamed her Peppermint Steph. Steph and I always like to catch up for a chin wag, discuss the excitement of the coming wedding season and our own common social awkwardness. Steph has a heart of gold, an incredible photographer and it's been wonderful watching this woman grow. I threw her a few questions so you can get to know her as well. Enjoy!

How long have you been a professional photographer?

This is my 4th year as a professional wedding photographer :)

Where were you born and where do you photograph primarily these days?

I'm from The South West of England originally but have been lucky enough to live in Australia for 13 years now. After years of travelling through Australia with my fam, we have been settled in Cairns for the past 6 years- which is where most of my photo taking takes place!

What’s the furtherest you’ve travelled to photograph an event?

I've been flown down to Brisbane and then the Gold Coast for weddings and next year Germany is on the list which is super exciting because I love to travel!

How many people were at the biggest wedding and smallest wedding?

The biggest wedding I have done was about 180 people! It was quite the party! The smallest was just the Bride and Groom and their 2 children in a cane field which is still one of my favourite weddings ever!

What’s one thing you think a bride should never skimp cash on, on her wedding day?

Obviously the memory catching ;) I think Photography and Film are so important, personally and it was the one thing I didn't skimp on when I got married recently. That and plenty of alcohol and food- because that makes for merry people- you don't want hangry people in your photos. But seriously, to be able to treasure the memory of your wedding by someone who has the ability to see the day through your eyes, is priceless!

What’s one thing that kicks you in the feels on a wedding day?

Grandparents getting emotional.

What sort of printed products do you offer your clients?

We offer beautiful Stone Prints. It's a gorgeous alternative to a canvas where your image is printed on a handmade stone and framed with reclaimed timber. I love it when I know my clients' images are on display!

What do you think about a printed wedding album as a wedding gift?

I think it's a wonderful idea! Not only is it a truly meaningful gift but it is so lovely to be able to look through your wedding day in print. There's something so special about preserving memories in a book in this modern age where everything comes in GB and cold hard USB's.

What is one thing you wish brides knew about their wedding day in advance, that they only realise after the event?

The day goes so very fast. Spend a few moments with your husband or wife taking it all in together, away from all the planned formalities and guests.

Thanks again Steph Happy wedding season


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