Tips for success

Published April 21st 2020 in News by Team AR

Tips for success

You might be feeling a little uncertain about the AR process, and wondering whether it is the right fit for your special day. You might be wondering if your guests would be willing to participate. You might even be feeling a little guilty about asking your guests.

Well, you’re definitely not alone. We surveyed a large group of past registry hosts for feedback on how they felt during the whole AR process, from start to finish. The majority of hosts told us that they had felt uncertain, along with their feelings of excitement.

When asked to narrow down their responses, most hosts were uncertain for reasons relating to the feelings of their guests, rather than themselves. No one wants to make their friends and family uncomfortable!

These are completely understandable feelings, especially when you’re leading the way with a truly unique gift-giving experience towards your professional photography.

But believe when we say, your friends and family are going to love how easy and convenient it is, how much time it saves them, AND how awesome it is to contribute to something so meaningful.

Here are a few hints to help you hit your target of 100%, and have treasured memories forever.

  1. Stay front of mind. A lot of people (like us!)often don’t check the invite for the address until the week before the event - by which point the registry card may have been misplaced. Share the registry link on social media often to help those of us who are a little less organised! This will also help you avoid receiving unhelpful gifts… like pizza scissors. Nobody needs pizza scissors.

  2. Make them laugh. We have a host of hilarious videos, made with some of Australia's best entertainers (who doesn’t love Celeste Barber?) that we created especially to help share our common purpose - preserving memories in print for generations to come. Check out our video with Celeste here

  3. Share the registry with those unable to attend can give you a gift THIS IS PERFECT FOR WORK COLLEAGUES and saves the poor person that usually walks around collecting cash, the headache of following up with the lazy bones.

Here are some example words for social media posts that have worked for our past clients - feel free to copy and paste!

“Thank you everyone for your loving words on our digital guestbook. I can’t wait for my/our special day! Knowing that our friends and family have contributed to usd having the most amazing photographs makes it even more magical.”

“Can’t wait to have our special day/moment/baby photographed by the amazing (insert photographer’s name), and have the most meaningful gift given to me/us by family and friends. If you’re stuck for gift ideas here is our/my registry!”

Ain’t nobody got time for shopping.

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

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