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Published May 15th 2020 in Photographer Stories by Jannah Dryden

There's sooooo much online training. How on earth do I separate the SIGNAL from the NOISE!?

“Look for those who are actually walking their talk”

Online fatigue is a REAL thing at the moment. Everytime I hit the socials I am bombarded with marketing. Telling me I could do better and that NOW is the time. The messaging of the marketing, even though only subtle means I’m often closing the apps with a feeling like I’m not good enough. Because that’s what I’m being told. Do this course, masterclass, degree etc.

So how do we separate the SIGNAL from the NOISE?

Mark Rossetto joins me on Yarning with Jannah chatting about exactly this.

“Look for those who are actually walking their talk” he says.

We yarn about all things marketing, where Mark's credibility comes from, how to encourage ALL family members to be photographed (without scaring them with ‘you’re all going to die one day’) and the million ways to discuss prints with your clients. There’s a lot.

Mark has easily the most comprehensive and proven marketing training SPECIFICALLY for photographers. I’ve known this lad for a while and I’ve seen the proof in the pudding.

The silver lining of COVID-19?

Mark has $500 OFF his Master your marketing Online training program with more than 55 videos and hours upon hours of photography marketing gold.

Mark is also including 8 weeks of group training, helping you through the course module by module starting Tuesday 28 May. Accountability is EVERYTHING.

The $500 OFF only lasts until this coming Monday 18 May at 9pm. There won’t be another intake FOR MYM until September 2020 and definitely not at this price, hopefully that helps a little bit at the moment.

So there you have it, cutting through the noise and helping you find the signal. Follow the link and check out all the ACTUAL results others have had with Mark Rossetto - THE photographer business coach.


Enter coupon code FUTUREPROOFMYM at checkout for $500 off.

Stay rad!


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