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Published May 8th 2020 in News by Jannah Dryden

"Yes I rode my bike across Europe, but don't let that seem like I knew what I was doing. Even the row from California to Hawaii; I was literally the ring-in from Australia with zero experience."

In 2015, Eleanor Carey rode her bike across Europe solo. She wasn't a cyclist.

In 2018, with just 8 weeks to prepare, Eleanor jumped on a boat with 2 women she had met only weeks earlier and spent 62 days straight at sea, rowing from California to Hawaii.

This was Eleanor’s first experience of open water. The risk of being lost at sea was significant, and she was naturally terrified. Even after 17 days of severe seasickness, Eleanor continued.

This isn't a story of an Olympian breaking records. This is a story of a girl from Bundaberg, on a quest to get some peace and quiet.

Jannah Dryden Written by Jannah Dryden
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