Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is an Album important?

Throughout history, prints and albums have served as an essential record of a family’s history. Nowhere else can a person find so many authentic photos of relatives and friends engaged in a day full of romance or significant events. By creating an album and printing your photos, you will be contributing to your family history by ensuring that future generations have a tangible record of how their family came to be over time. While it may be hard to imagine great grandchildren so far down the road, it is likely that they could one day have your album passed down into their hands.

But digital is the way to go, a USB is fine. Right?

It’s hard to believe that only 10 years ago the VHS video was phasing out and USBs hadn’t even had their big moment. The digital age is changing so quickly and means, while we are storing things on smaller and smaller devices and using cloud storage we actually make them less easily accessible and run the risk of losing them for our generations to come. Will you give your children logins to cloud based storage in your old age? An album is a beautiful, tactile way to view, share and remember that special day.

What's the benefit of using Album Registry?

Professional services, high quality prints and albums aren’t cheap and nor should they be, they need to stand the test of time. Album Registry is a simple and beautiful way for your family and friends to contribute to the memory of your special day by contributing an amount towards it. This not only shares the moment but shares the cost of creating your memories.

What are the Registry fees?

Photographer registration is free and always will be. With no on-going membership or subscriptions. Album Registry has a platform partnership fee of 8% of the final registry amount, only collected upon registry completion and includes all transaction and transfer fees.

Where do the funds go?

Registry funds are collected and paid directly to the photographer/videographer on the 12th day of the month FOLLOWING the registry completion date. Funds are sent along with a full list of the contributors. Registry data download is also available off the members dashboard at any time.

What do I do with this Registry card?

You’ll notice there is a unique link on your registry card. Enter this link into your web browser and it will direct you to where you need to go. You’ll find the registry you’re after there.

What if my photographer is not a supplier?

Invite your photographer to join here. We will touch base with them and get them set up and ready to roll.

Can I use Album Registry for a videographer or other service?

Absolutely! You can invite your videographer to join here. We will touch base with them and get them set up and ready to roll. You can use Album Registry for any product or service that a photographer or videographer offer.

What if the Registry is not 100% funded?

That’s okay. All funds raised will go towards a memory of some sort. This is a discussion between the photographer/videographer and their client.

Who gets notified when a purchase has been made?

EVERYONE! We are pleased to notify the registry host, the photographer and the gifter every single time a purchase is made. Notifications will include the gifters name and the purchase amount. When the registry hits 100% funded the host and photographer will receive another notifications with a full list of all those who made it possible.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country.

Who will supply the gift?

The delivery of professional photography and any additional items such as albums or wall art, will be managed directly by your chosen photographer. Album Registry simply provides a platform to help raise funds for your special occasion.

Is Album Registry secure?

Absolutely! We take your magical moments seriously in every sense of the word. Any data transferred between Album Registry and your computer is secure and encrypted ensuring anything you enter is safely shared.

Is Album Registry just for weddings?

Hell no! You can use it for any special event or occasion in your life. Yes, we love weddings, but we also love the odd bar mitzvah too.